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ATLAS / Teaching Labs

This is a body practices retreat for professional performing artists that aims to approach different teaching perspectives in an experiential and reflexive manner, building information bridges with renown educators from Europe, Asia and Latin America, who have developed diverse personal proposals that coherently involve the study and research of different movement techniques in the format of a lab, creating, therefore, and environment of reasoning and knowledge systemization through research and experiencing the contemporary scene worldwide.


These labs format is conceived as an intensive body practices camp, the sessions are planned to be lengthy enough to be able to deepen in each teacher´s proposals and particular processes, to then generate a profound experience focused on the study, research and construction of several languages for the personal scenic work.

Atlas is a space that fosters a continuous exchange, significant and direct, originating new environments, meeting points of recognition for performing artists.



ATLAS / impro-scene

This is a scenic platform within the framework of the festival which profile is built upon the work of Improvisation for the contemporary scene. It showcases performative pieces by world class contemporary creators; and, also works as a platform for new and emerging movers/improvisers.


                          TÉCNICAS DE MOVIMIENTO



Técnicas de Movimiento TDM (Movement Techniques) is a platform that specializes on the training for the stage performer (Dancers, Physical Actors and Circus Artists). Since its ignition in 2009, it as exposed several methodologies, techniques and personal speeches of corporal pedagogy, developing numerous programs and body practice platforms, with the goal of focusing and generating spaces for active reflection in the format of labs, workshops and seminars, to consolidate a constant professional project for performing artists.


After ten years of existence and uninterrupted work, this project brings to life its first independent meeting of body practices for performing artists: ATLAS Mexico Festival, that will hold its third edition in 2020.



An organization lead by Itzel Schnaas and Francisco Córdova, which produces, develops, and manages cultural activities in a national and international context, such as: festivals, workshops, and scenic art productions.


Fábrica Escena is a production platform that manages and organizes the professional development of: Physical Momentum, ATLAS México Festival and its academic extension Técnicas de Movimineto.


Fábrica Escena, which is coordinated by the collaborator Alejandro Yañes, is a production platform used to promote, create and exhibit the creative development of performing arts, and their multiple artistic and pedagogical investigation.

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