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August  02-13,  2021  |  Guanajuato,México
ATLAS /Scene

This is a performing platform within the activities of the festival, built upon different performative speeches, the language of improvisation and the new dramaturgies and trains of thought that are being generated in Mexico and around the globe. The Festival showcases performance works made by diverse world class contemporary creators, and, at the same time, is a window of exposure for emerging choreographers, movers and improvisers.


Our starting point is the definition of Atlas: a collection of maps from diverse origins that gathers the geographical and cultural features within each context; that is why ATLAS Mexico Festival congregates in one common space the diverse possibilities to live contemporary art from different origins and identities, making it possible to appreciate the cultural diversity around us.


ATLAS/Scene curatorship works toward openness and inclusiveness, in order to program well known large format works so as risky new proposals that together will invite the audience to reflect on the social and cultural issues we face as humankind. The creative profile of the artists that make up this platform ranges from those with a consolidated career that have influenced the work of generations of artists around the world as well as young choreographers and creators that have founded their work on these creative methods and speeches.


On the first emission the curatorship aimed to reflect on cultural diversity, political borders, identity and origin from practice and exhibition. The second edition presented a Festival focused on gender perspective, the role of women in the performing arts, and on portraying their pedagogical and creative job within the dance distribution circuits.


There was a space called Impro-fatigue in both emissions, a place where participants from all over show their work. More than 30 different proposals emerged from this initiative, solos from diverse performing languages and improvisation. This is a space that showcases the identity and individual context of each one of the artists.


This powerful and unbreakable principle of creation and transformation is the fundamental basis of ATLAS Mexico Festival, a performing space that witnesses the growing contemporary scene for professional artists all over the world. It is a space for the construction of collaborative networks, mobility and exchange within festivals, meetings and performing platforms of brother countries that constitute new stages for the dance scene, spaces for the cross-border dialogue and its link to contemporary art dynamics worldwide. 

  • ATLAS México Festival
  • @atlas_festival_mx

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