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Updates due to COVID-19

ATLAS México Festival is an initiative created for allowing the research of different movement techniques but also our commitment at the event is producing it,  in a safe environment.  For this reason we share with you some things that were modified for your well-being. Due to restrictions that the pandemic has generated for travels and mobility we will consider as standards that will determine the viability of the event:


       A.    Allowance to enter Mexico for international visitors: Mexico hasn´t stablished travel regulations for international tourism. You can track the actual status in         


       B.    Local restrictions for events: For making the event, Guanajuato´s state must be in yellow traffic light, which is  updated each 2 weeks according to the sanitary situation in the community. You can track it in 


If both criteria are positives the event will be as follows:


1. Dates:

August 2nd to 13th 2021.


2. Venue:

The place for the event will be the same considering that being in the country far from the city will allow that all the activities take place in ventilated spaces or outdoors which avoid virus concentrations.


3. Capacity:

With the goal of reducing crowds, the capacity of the event was modified to 40 persons (55% of the original participants). Also, the roles of the staff were restructured to implement the new sanity regulations.


4. Inscription Fee:

The amount has not changed, all payments will be made by wire transfer on the following periods:  


     A.    First Payment: 500 dls April 15th 2021 (If you covered in 2020 ignore this payment)    

     B.    Second Payment: 580 dls June 15th 2021.           

    Note: Once your payments are received, refunds are not possible, in case you can not attend the event you can transfer your spot to another participant or we can create a voucher with the amount received to be used in another edition of ATLAS.


5. Teachers:

The team of teachers has not been modified. (David Zambrano, Julyen Hamilton and Jeremy Nelson)



    6. Program:




         Note: On August 13th the program will be different due to closure activities.


7.  If the standards already mentioned are negative and we can not make the event.

     The organization will proceed as follows:         

     A.    Change of dates to december 2021 or july 2022 according to sanitary disposals.         

     B.    Voucher issued with the amount paid for being used on another edition of the festival.


General recommendations:         

     1.   Book your airline ticket with cancellation and change of itinerary insurance.         

     2.   Have a PCR test before travelling to check that you are healthy to attend.         

     3.   Travel with extreme caution with all the personal protection equipment needed.


Regulations during the event / SARS-COV2


1. Sanitary filters:         

The venue will have installed sanitary filters to check the temperature, oxygenation and the application of antibacterial hand sanitizer. All participants must pass the filters during the day.


2. Disinfection of areas:         

All the spaces with activities (bedrooms, showers, dining room, classroom space) will be disinfected daily under the standards indicated by the local health authorities.


3. Management of suspected or confirmed cases:         

If any of the participants show symptoms, they will be isolated in the area designated for suspected cases. The staff will provide to the participant the laboratories catalogue to run  a PCR test. If the test is positive, the participant must evacuate the event as soon as possible, that means you can only return to the activities if the result of your PCR test is negative.       

Note: All costs related from this situation must be assumed by the participant (test, transportation, etc).


4. Personal protection equipment:     

The use of masks as well as other personal protection measures will be determined by the local authorities on the dates of the event and the participants must follow them all the time.

This document was designed for you, thinking about giving  you  the safety that will allow you to be concentrated in your movement practices. We want you to live an unique experience in ATLAS and that's why all the team is working in all the details for making the festival an unforgettable experience.

If you have any question or particular situation do not hesitate in contacting us.





  • ATLAS México Festival
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