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This is a platform for staged works built upon research and improvisational processes within the contemporary scene. It showcases works by experienced and well known contemporary creators, while concurrently being a window for novel performing artists. 


ATLAS Mexico Festival congregates in one common space the diverse possibilities to live contemporary art from different origins and identities, making it possible to appreciate the cultural diversity around us. The creative profile of the artists that make up this platform ranges from those with a consolidated career that have influenced the work of generations of artists around the world as well as young choreographers and creators that have founded their work on these creative methods and speeches.


This powerful and unbreakable principle of creation and transformation is the fundamental basis of ATLAS México Biennial International Dance Festival, a performing space that witnesses the growing contemporary scene for professional artists all over the world. It is a space for the construction of collaborative networks, mobility and exchange within festivals, meetings and performing platforms of brother countries that constitute new stages for the dance scene, spaces for the cross-border dialogue and its link to contemporary art dynamics worldwide. 

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