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How do I register?

1. Fill out the registration form at: Registration

2. You will receive a confirmation notice via email within a maximum of 3 business days.

3. Make the first registration payment anytime over the following 20 days.

    A. Mexicans: bank transfer, the details will be provided via email.

    B. Foreigners: You will be sent a link for online payment through Stripe.

4. The second payment for both categories will be made in cash (Dollars) on the first day of the event.


When can I register?

The registration period is open from the publication of the call until the quota of participants is completed.


What happens if I can't fulfill my payment by the deadline?

Unfortunately, we will not be able to keep your spot and it will be designated to another participant. If you still want to register, you will have to start the registration process again from step 1.


I have already paid and I will not be able to attend the Festival. What can I do?

Due to the organization's policies, the Festival cannot make refunds. If you can't attend, you must communicate it via email and we will offer you the following options:


Transfer your spot to a new participant: If you know someone who can take your spot, we can transfer the first registration payment to this new participant. To confirm this exchange, you are required to send an email indicating who you want to give your spot to and the interested party must fill out the registration form to validate their profile and proceed to do the change.


• The organization of the festival cannot look for alternate participants, so the interested party is the one who has to find the candidate to replace it.


• The maximum period to notify that you will not be able to attend the Festival is 3 weeks before the event. If after this date you are unable to attend, unfortunately your spot will be lost without the possibility of refund or transfer to another person.


Who covers my travel expenses?

The organization is only responsible for the items established in the call, any expenses other than the list are covered by the participant (international transportation, domestic transportation, visas, permits, insurance, internal transfers, covid tests, etc.)


Remember that during the weekends, the festival does not cover food or transportation to the city of Guanajuato.


Are there any ATLAS Scholarships?

We have 3 scholarship programs:

1. Dancers from Guanajuato:

Aimed to professional contemporary dancers who live in the city of Guanajuato. This selection is made by call. The opening dates of the call are published on our social networks.

*Subject to agreements with State Cultural Institutions.


2. National and International Dancers:

These scholarships are granted through a direct invitation to people from different countries so that they can share and live the experience of the festival at no cost. The selection is made by the director of the festival during meetings and at schools and festivals that are partners and share the profile of the event.


3. Invited artists:

People selected on other training platforms that partner ATLAS and maintain a permanent collaboration with the Festival. 


What language are the workshops held in?

All the classes of the festival are taught in English.

If the teacher speaks Spanish, it will be up to them to teach the class in the language they prefer.

There will be a staff team that, if approved and/or directed by the teacher, can help with a simultaneous translation of the class.


Can I take only 1 week of training?

No. The festival is designed to deepen on specific research and practices during the full two-week program (10 hours per day for 15 days).


Is it necessary to have a specific level of training to take ATLAS?

Knowledge of advanced bodily practices is required.

The call is directed to Dancers, Circus Artists and Physical Actors interested in body practices, training and movement technologies.


Recommendations on Health Insurance

ATLAS is not responsible for any injuries that occur during training, it is recommended to have an insurance policy in case of accidents.


How do I get ready to go to ATLAS?

The event is designed as an intensive training experience with long days of work, so we recommend that you be physically prepared at certain level to be able to perform well at the event.


Can I attend if I have previous injuries?

Due to the physical rigor involved in the Festival, we suggest consulting with a specialist, since undergoing such an intensive training experience with an underlying injury can be risky for your health.


If I need to issue permits or carry out other procedures in order to be able to attend ATLAS, can I request an invitation letter for ATLAS?

Of course, just ask for it at


Which airport do you recommend me to fly to to get to ATLAS?

• Bajío: Bajío airport is the closest to ATLAS premises since it is located approximately 30 minutes away. If you fly to this airport, we have transportation from the festival at specific times to get you to the venue.


• Mexico City (Benito Juárez): It is the most important airport in the country, it is a good option to fly to if you come from another country, however to get to Guanajuato from there have to either fly or travel by commercial bus.


Which ground terminal do you recommend me to travel to?

If you are traveling by bus, we recommend you arrive at the Guanajuato Bus Station since it is the closest and we also have transportation to the venue at specific times.


Is there connectivity - internet/phone signal at the venue?

As you know, the event takes place in the mountains away from any distractions of the city, so internet/phone signal is almost non-existent. The telephone companies that have reception (very low, almost zero) are Telcel and AT&T.


Are there options to buy food at the venue?

The headquarters has a cafeteria outside the event where you can get simple snacks and drinks.

(Payment in cash in small denominations).

ATLAS / Scene


When is the call open?

April 2023


Who is it aimed at?

Performers, Groups, Collectives and Companies of Contemporary Performing Arts 


How can I be programmed?

1. Through a call.

2. Artists, companies and groups selected directly through allied platforms and international scenic markets



What about the COVID-19 situation?

Although there are still numerous restrictions around the world considering travel and live events, we hope that ATLAS 2023 will happen optimally. As an organization, we will follow the instructions of our government health authorities at all times to provide a safe environment. Being a constantly changing situation, we will share with you the panorama of the event prior to the start of it and all participants, guests and staff members must accurately follow the guidelines, whatever they may be at the time of the festival. In the event of an upturn or a situation of greater cause, the Organization will determine the rescheduling or cancellation of the activity.


What happens in case of cancellation?

The pandemic is still quite unpredictable like other events in the world, so we are taking precautions this year. Although the possibility of the festival being canceled and/or interrupted is low due to an insufficient number of participants or due to force majeure, COVID-19 measures and restrictions, we must keep in mind that this can still happen.


In that case, the fees will not be refunded and will be reserved at care of the festival. The festival will make the direct decision to reschedule or transfer the balance of the participants for a next edition. In the event that a teacher cannot attend for health reasons, the organizer will replace the guest artist with one of a similar profile. The Festival cannot assume reimbursements to participants for expenses incurred to attend the event (flights, transportation, accommodation or other expenses that the participant makes in advance).


About travel, quarantine and testing.

Since traveling and crossing borders became a little more difficult due to the current pandemic, we urge each participant to be informed and updated, since travel rules can be updated quite frequently. The travel and the required documents and/or evidence are the responsibility of the participant. The festival organization can issue proof of registration to defend the nature and destination of the trip.


As required for most trips at this time, we request a negative Covid test result, taken no longer than 72 hours prior or a complete vaccination test. This test can be a PCR or a rapid antigen test and must be sent by email and presented upon arrival at the reception.


While planning your trip, consider flexible tickets or travel insurance that allows you to reschedule your trip or request a refund. In addition, examine the quarantine and COVID-19 test rules for your country of origin, when planning your trip and also before leaving.


Do you need to be vaccinated to attend the event?

The organization does not require a vaccination certificate as a requirement to enter the event, it is the responsibility of each participant to decide what to do at this point.


Is a COVID test required to enter the event?

Until now, a participant is required to show their negative test when entering the event. If the health panorama is modified for the dates of the event, any updates will be communicated.

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