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General Director

​Francisco Córdova is positioned within the international scenic market as a performer, choreographer and educator, participating in several summits and festivals in more than 30 countries around the world. He is currently qualified as one of the most representative educators and performers of the new European contemporary dance scene.


He has obtained two Master Degrees: Master in Theater Studies and Stage Direction and a Master in Stage Lighting from the Institut del Teatre in Barcelona, Spain. He majored in Contemporary Dance at the National School of Dance in Mexico. He also studied in Montreal, Canada and in New York, U.S. He is the Director of his own company Physical Momentum, ATLAS Mexico Festival and the training program Técnicas de Movimiento (TDM). Direct student of the techniques of David Zambrano.


With an uninterrupted 20 year long professional artistic career, Francisco has been part of numerous companies and projects over a period of almost two decades. Since the year 2006 he developed his methodological proposal BODY-ACTION, which he has taught at several workshops in very important international art centers. He has become a fundamental piece within the academic networks in Europe, Asia and Latin America, his research and training practice stands out among the main teaching vanguards worldwide, being part of renown festivals, institutions and schools.



Artistic Director

Teacher, performer, choreographer and pedagogue in Movement techniques, specific in Contemporary Dance with 30 years of professional experience. He studied in the National Professional Dance System (SNEPD), at the National Institute of Fine Arts (INBA) in Mexico City and received a BFA from the Universidad Veracruzana. He has a certificate in Body Mind Centering from INBA.


Guest as a performer, teacher and choreographer to many dance and theatre festivals in Mexico, USA, Colombia, Guatemala, El Salvador, Chile, Brazil, Venezuela, Russia, Spain, France, Germany, Scotland, England and China.    

Creator and Director of Ítaca Project, where he lead his scenic proposal as a creator and performer nowadays.His personal scenic project started since 1994 from which he has made assemblies, co-creations and advisories with different choreographers and scenic artists, also, delivery of courses and workshops of movement techniques  and interpretation work.    


Since 1995 he had developed a personal investigation to scenic arts, formulating methods of creative work for the dancer and the actor. Jointly, he is collaborator, adviser, performer and co-creator of Physical Momemtum Company of Francisco Córdova. He had be scholar in performers category 1997-1998. Recognized as one of the three best dancers for Zona de Danza Magazine.  Scholar of the Scenic Creators with trajectory Program 2015-2018 and 2012-2014 of FONCA.

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