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is taking place from
April 14-25, 2025

Guanajuato, Mexico

Who can Participate?

Professional Performing Artists: Dancers, Circus Artists and Physical Actors interested in body practices, training and movement technologies.


Biennial International

Dance Festival


Is a scenic and pedagogical meeting point that showcases performative works and workshops featuring the most important trends in the dance scene. 


The Festival breaks down into two main spaces:

1. ATLAS/ Pedagogical Laboratories

This is a retreat of body practice for professional performing artists that aims to facilitate diverse pedagogical visions in a reflective and experiential manner, making up a space for ongoing, direct and meaningful coexistence; the laboratories are led by renowned international pedagogues who have developed diverse research and experimental proposals within the contemporary world dance scene.

2. ATLAS/ Scene

This is a platform for staged works built upon research and improvisational processes within the contemporary scene. It showcases works by experienced and well known contemporary creators, while concurrently being a window for novel performing artists. 

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