August  02-13,  2021  |  Guanajuato,México
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August: 02-13, 2021


Who can Participate?

Professional Performing Artists: Dancers, Circus Artists and Physical Actors interested in body practices, training and movement technologies

ATLAS / Teaching Labs

This is a body practices retreat for professional performing artists that aims to approach different teaching perspectives in an experiential and reflexive manner, building information bridges with renown educators from Europe, África, Asia and Latin America, who have developed diverse personal proposals that coherently involve the study and research of different movement techniques in the format of a lab, creating, therefore, and environment of reasoning and knowledge systemization through research and experiencing the contemporary scene worldwide.


These ATLAS/Teaching-Labs format is conceived as an intensive body practices camp, the sessions are planned to be lengthy enough to be able to deepen in each teacher´s proposals and particular processes, to then generate a profound experience focused on the study, research and construction of several languages for the personal scenic work. Atlas is a space that fosters a continuous exchange, significant and direct, originating new environments, meeting points of recognition for performing artists.

ATLAS / Scene

This is a performing platform within the activities of the festival, built upon different performative speeches, the language of improvisation and the new dramaturgies and trains of thought that are being generated in Mexico and around the globe. The Festival showcases performance works made by diverse world class contemporary creators, and, at the same time, is a window of exposure for emerging choreographers, movers and improvisers.


ATLAS/Scene curatorship works toward openness and inclusiveness, in order to program well known large format works so as risky new proposals that together will invite the audience to reflect on the social and cultural issues we face as humankind. The creative profile of the artists that make up this platform ranges from those with a consolidated career that have influenced the work of generations of artists around the world as well as young choreographers and creators that have founded their work on these creative methods and speeches.

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